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My services

Virtual Individual counseling

55 mins/$140, sliding scale available

Virtual individual therapy using a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform for Colorado residents. The first session will be 75 minutes in order to get to know each other and create a plan for working together. Each session will be tailored to your unique needs/goals and will draw on a variety of counseling techniques.

Outdoor individual counseling

55 mins/$170 (price reflects Lara driving to a location of your choice in Boulder County)

Weather permitting! We will meet at an outdoor, public location in Boulder County. You decide where we walk- for example: a trail, lake, creek path, or neighborhood. We can talk and walk, or else find a park bench to sit at for the duration of the session. Water and snacks will be provided. The first session will be 75 mins and virtual ($140) to determine if working together in an outdoor setting is the right fit.  


Outdoor sessions can benefit the therapeutic process in many ways, but it might not work for everyone or in every situation. Outdoor walking sessions give the added benefits of connecting to nature, bilateral stimulation to help process and integrate information, and increased endorphins from gentle exercise. Outdoor sessions can also benefit the therapeutic process for folks who have busy lives (and want to tackle therapy and exercise in the same hour), are intimidated/uncomfortable by traditional therapy settings, find it easier to open up or process difficulties through movement, dislike telehealth, sit too long in their daily lives, or find themselves fidgety/distracted in traditional seated counseling sessions. This is a particularly effective form of therapy for adolescents and those with a restless heart. 


Please note-- Due to sessions taking place in outdoor public settings, your privacy will be protected at all costs, but it cannot be guaranteed. Before our first outdoor session, we will create a plan to protect your confidentiality in the event that we encounter another person during our session. For guaranteed privacy, schedule a virtual session using a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform.

Dream group

$50/2 hours, payment plans available

We will meet weekly for two hours over the course of 10 weeks. 

Unsure if individual therapy is for you? Are you craving social connection in intentional spaces? Curious about the nature of dreams, or intrigued by some of your own bizarre or memorable dreams? Get in touch if you're interested in joining the next round of dream group!

Social connection is one of the most powerful tools for improving one's mental health and overall quality of life. Group therapy fosters a safe space for authentic connection. It is a space to "come as you are" without needing to show up "perfectly." This is where we take our masks off and get real, connecting heart-to-heart with the collective intention of growth and healing.

Dream group is a space specifically for authentically connecting, learning, healing and growing using the medium of dream work. We will share and explore our dreams-- the bizarre, the nightmarish, the beautiful, the commonplace. Each session will give space for sharing and learning. While this group is primarily based on Jungian dream work, we will also explore other methods of analyzing the meaning of our dreams.


Attendance policy

Cancellations must be provided at least 24 hours before the scheduled session. Late cancellations (after 24 hours) and no-shows will be charged the full session fee. There is no late/cancellation fee if we reschedule for the same week.

You can change your outdoor therapy session to a virtual session free-of-charge prior to one hour before meeting. If the change occurs within one hour of the scheduled session, you will be charged for an outdoor session.


I do not currently accept insurance. However, I plan to do so in the near-future. Please contact me if you are interested in services with me and I will reach out if/when I accept your insurance!

Boulder County, walk and talk therapy, outdoor counseling
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