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My approach

Lara Cladny, mental health, counseling, Boulder County
"We don't get wounded alone, and we don't heal alone" -Carl Jung

It can be difficult to navigate the darkness alone, and I fiercely believe that as humans, we’re not meant to do it alone. I am committed to maintaining a safe space for all humans and am an LGBTQ+ and BIPOC ally.

I work with ages 12+ and specialize in the following:

  • depression

  • big emotions/mood regulation

  • anxiety

  • post-crisis recovery

  • suicidal ideation and self-harm

  • dreams/nightmares

  • grief/loss

  • life transitions

  • existential questions and existential dread

  • interpersonal difficulties

  • spiritual exploration

  • quests of self-discovery


My approach to therapy is trauma-informed, culturally-sensitive and person-centered, meaning that therapy with me is relationship-oriented and personalized to support each individuals’ culture, history, and therapeutic goals. While each therapy session is created to suit an individuals’ unique needs, I draw heavily from the following:


  • depth psychology including shadow work and dream work

  • somatic psychotherapy

  • polyvagal theory

  • attachment theory

  • dialectical behavioral therapy

  • internal family systems

  • existential and experiential psychotherapies

    • including (and depending on the individual’s interests/orientation towards life) gleaning meaning and insight through writing and art, movement, role-play, mindfulness, and spiritual exploration.

We will spend the first session getting to know each other and creating goals for our time together. The sessions going forward will look different for each person depending on your therapeutic goals and personal life circumstances. We might spend one session dialoging with your inner child, another session exploring specific interventions for a pattern you want to change, another in a somatic exploration of the body to support your nervous system, and yet another using role-play and symbolism to unpack a particularly memorable dream. 

dream work, Jung, shadow work, mental health counseling, Twilight Sky
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